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About Us

          RR Goat & Sheep Farm has been established with a primary aim to assist local villages to improve on their goat farming techniques, breeding practices, better & higher quality livestock, better feed management and there by to ensure better income earning capability. There is not a single home without 5 to 10 goats in all the nearby 30 to 40 villages. Yet they follow the traditional goat rearing technique by grazing with traditional local breeds of goats that yield not more that to 1 to 1.5 kids a year/Doe. By bringing in supervisor breeds we would like to make a difference in ensuring at least 3 to 4 kids a year/Doe, which can provide 3 to 4 Litr. of milk every day.

          The Farm is designed for breeding, nurturing of high quality Studs / Doe, Broiler goats for meat Industry, Fodder Cultivation, Factory to produce concentrated food Pellets and for managing the sale proceeds of goat milk and goat manure.

          A lot of hard work has been put in to earn customer trust by ensuring that they are getting a great goat for breeding. We at the farm have been able to successfully blend, technology in traditional goat farming in the areas of goat stalls, feed, broiler goat concept and breeding.       


  Farm in set on a 100 acre campus which is abundant in food supply. Special sheds with elevated platforms to house the goats in hygienic environment has been erected along with a one acre fenced enclosure for daily exercise. This ensures adequate space, freedom of movement, security and hygienic condition for the goats.

          RR Goat & Sheep Farm has a team of experts including a dedicated vet to take care of the goats. RR Goat & Sheep Farm has adopted and implemented modern, scientific and traditional methods to make goat farming a more commercially viable business for the local population. The staff is well trained and they ensure proper documentation of every goat in the farm to monitor their progress, growth and health.