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Why Goat Farming

          Not far back, goat meat used to be the main stay for non vegetarians. Slowly with the advent of broiler Chicken, goat meat has become scarcer and costlier for the common man. However, with the growing economy, the demand for food is increasing exponentially. Therefore, there is a necessity to develop goat farming in a very commercially viable model to meet the demands of our population. The demand cannot be met by the traditional method of small scale backyard goat rearing in villages. As demand exceeds supply the cost of goat meat has been increasing steadily. This increased price has provided an opportunity for the farmer to develop / organize goat farming in a scientific method under controlled conditions using high quality breeds for commercial success.       


   For most farmers goat breeding business provided a great opportunity and potential for commercial success, provide they can adopt advanced, scientific approach to goat farming. This provides a great alternative to conventional farmers to switch from agriculture to goat farming. Some of the advantages of goat farming business as compared to agriculture are:

  • Income per acre of land holding  is much higher in case of  goat farming  vis – a - vis Agri.
  • Labour required is less
  • Very low electricity dependency
  • Regular income can be maintained
  • By products such as goat milk and manure is also marketable.
  • High class breeds give up to 4 kids a year and 4 litr. of milk.
  • A doe has a short gestation period of 150 days. It can deliver up to 4 kids in a year. Therefore it multiplies exponentially.
  • Occupies little space as compared to cows.