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Housing(Goat Sheds)

Housing in Elevated / Raised Platforms

          In order to ensure hygiene, good sanitation, it is advisable to house goats in elevated / raised platforms. Where temperatures are high in summers and rainfalls are heavy, the susceptibility of goats to parasite and diseases is high. The shed is made up of steel columns, trusses, beams and laterals. It is two storied where the platform on the raised floor is used to house the goats.

          The elevated housing is the most practical form of housing with good  ventilation. The platform must be constructed on strong columns and preferably wooden slotted platform is advisable. Slots are essentials to ensure all goat excretions drop to the ground and doesn’t dirty the platform separated enclosures must be created to segregate the goats, age wise, breed wise and babies. Facility for water must be there for drinking and cleaning.

          The dropping on the ground must be daily cleaned and gathered in a compositing pit which can be used as farm manure.