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  1. Goat Diary / Milk : Goat Milk is easily digestible because of smaller sized fat globules making softer curd. It also has much lesser allergic problems than milk of other species of livestock. It has medicinal qualities and is extensively used in Siddha Medicines. Goats can be milked as often as required preventing milk storage problem. Here are 5 good reasons as to why goat milk is better than cow milk.
  • Goats milk is less allergenic
  • Goats milk is naturally homogenized
  • Goat milk is easier to digest
  • Goat milk is rarely causes lactose intolerance  
  • Goat milk is matches up to the human body better than cow’s milk.

2. Goat Manure : Goat Manure makes excellent natural fertilizer. Using goat manure in garden beds can create the optimal growing conditions for your plants. The naturally dry pellets are not only easy to collect and apply, but are less messy then many other types of manure. Goat droppings can be used in nearly any type of garden including that of flowering plants, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees. They can also be composted and used as mulch.

3. Concentrated Feeds / Pellets:  Concentrated feeds are available for sale. They are manufactured in house at the farm. They are excellent, balanced diets for rearing broiler goats for meat. They contain  De oiled  grand nut cake, Horse gram, Wheat, Rice barn, dried unsalted fish, mineral & vitamin mixture and common salt.