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Stall-Fed Method

          Intensive integrated  Farming System (IIFS) ideally fits into goat farming technology. It suits these small animals. Goats ideally fit into “stall fed” methods. Stall Fed Method is practical and commercially very viable and successful. With this method we can manage, control and feed the animals as per their needs. Fodder, dried fodder, concentrated feed, minerals, vitamins and medicines can be control fed.

          Special goat feeds can be formulated as per the needs, based on its size, age and pregnancy. Its growth pattern can be well documented and controlled.

          Several  farmers have successfully run Stall Fed goat farms, and they have found that such an integrated farming venture is more productive and profitable  vis-a-vis the traditional goat farming.       


   Stall Fed goat farming also facilities, easy documentation, monitoring and medi care. It also ensures easy collection of goat milk and goat manure. Both these can be profitable sold into the open market.  This methods provides an ideal occupation for the small, marginal and landless farmers. Stall Fed methods is the most practical and best method to follow . In this method :

  1. Goat are not allowed to be grazed in the outside. They are kept  in raised platform segregated, based on breeds, age, weight, sex and pregnancy.
  2. Bucks and Does are kept in separate rooms and allowed to mate at desired time.
  3. Quality of feeds can be regulated at all stages based on Nutritional Requirement of the goats.
  4. Wastage of energy during grazing is avoided
  5. Decease transmission is prevented from outside animals, environment & plants